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  1. Installs - for consistency, statistics are based on the number of devices, not users (i.e. one user may operate multiple devices).
  2. Uninstalls - are only available for Android devices.
  3. Opens - the number of times the application has been opened after being installed. As this is based on usage, it will only be reported if the user has chosen to provide usage statistics.
  4. Active devices - This is a "stock" figure while all others are cumulative. This means that the figure presented in each month is the total at that specific time. Unfortunately, the definitions for active devices differ. Android define this more broadly than other platforms as "devices online in the past 30 days with this app installed", while the iOS definition is "the number of active devices with at least one session during the previous 30 days". Note also that usage statistics for iOS apps tend to provided by only a relatively low proportion of users. For this app, statistics have been scaled up based on iOS's estimate of approximately 25% of users providing usage statistics. For Windows apps, this metric is not readily available.
  5. Crashes and application not responding (ANR) - the number of times the application has crashed or not responded in a reasonable amount of time.

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